Why Can’t We Get Along?

Dr. Millicent Carvalho, Conflict Resolution Coach and husband, Brian Grevious, retired police detective and former private investigator...Co-Host "Why Can't We Get Along", an online radio show dealing with conflict in everyday life. Listen to the latest Radio Show >>

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Co-parenting: Navigating the Drama

Using real-life examples (and a little humor), this class will guide you in the process of shifting the focus from disagreement, thereby transforming co-parenting drama.
Co-parenting is easier said than done. But... Left unchecked, conflict between parents (and among their respective partners) can damage children and waste incalculable amounts of resources and energy.

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Ever wondered why people have such trouble getting along? Whether it is arguing with a spouse over household finances, being treated unfairly in the workplace or disputing a utility bill, most of us just want to be heard and treated with respect.

As we all know, litigation can be costly. If a trial lawyer is involved, the cost of conflict rises higher. You’ll be amazed and relieved when “Why Can’t We Get Along” shows you how mediation can resolve conflict and repair damaged relationships, peacefully, effectively and privately.

Most disputing parties in conflict usually agree on one thing: they don’t need a mediator. Feelings, especially hurt feelings cannot be negotiated.

Dr. Carvalho and Brian Grevious, co-host "Why Can't We Get Along", and keep an archive of past shows, supplemental podcasts and articles that are available only to members.

Co-Host Biographies:
Dr. Millicent Carvalho is a master mediator and conflict resolution practitioner. A skilled mediator: Dr. Carvalho has a 95% successful resolution rate. ... In 2002, she founded, and is currently President of Pennsylvania Conflict Resolution and Mediation Services, Inc. (PCRMS) which facilitates culturally relevant conflict resolution training and mediation services. Learn More About Dr. Carvalho...

Brian Grevious is a retired detective and a trained investigator and mediator with extensive criminal justice experience. Brian has a keen understanding of human behavior and experience managing and organizing behavioral health programs. Learn More About Brian Grevious...

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Dr Millicent Carvalho and Brian Grevious broadcasting online on mediation and conflict

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